TRANSCEND is comprised of a group of Jackson & Ryan architects who came together to dedicate their experience and talent to the service of their fellow human beings.

Recognizing the power of architecture as a tool to assist others in achieving and transcending their goals, and acknowledging that architecture is not the end in and of itself, the firm endeavors to provide service as an integral facet of its work.

The firm is dedicated to projects that lift up the human spirit, respect nature, and promote transcendence. Our twenty-five-year architectural experience in worship, animal rights, education, housing, and conservation has taught us that the human spirit will go to great lengths, devote countless hours, and fund generous amounts to seek and to allow future generations to seek fulfillment and transcendence. We as the instruments of design, must correspond. Human dignity, tolerance, and learning to coexist in equilibrium are our daily activities.

A percentage of profits are pledged to service for those who need assistance in discovering how to carry the weight of their own lives. Ten percent of staff time is assigned to pro-bono architectural work. The staff as a whole decides what projects the profits and time are to be invested in.