San Mateo Episcopal Church recovery from Hurricane Harvey

Ever since hurricane Harvey damaged 4 of their 5 buildings, the small parish of San Mateo Episcopal Church continued their services in an open-air tent. That following October, they approached Transcend Architecture to assist them in documenting the condition of the existing conditions, guide them through the building codes and local ordinances, and provide design ideas for specific spaces in an effort to make the church more functional.


A familiar scene for much of Houston building after hurricane Harvey.

Transcend architects and volunteer staff working on their plan to help San Mateo Episcopal Church get back into dry & safe buildings.



Snapshots of construction documents to acquire building permits.


August 2018 with permits in hand San Mateo Episcopal Church can begin their renovations.

Stay tuned for updates to progress photos...

Unveiling Progress

Towards the end of last month Agape Development hosted a well attended unveiling of this endeavor and collaboration. Agape Development gained some generous donations to kick-off this project, which will allow Agape to continue furthering their work in the community.



Support Transcend Architecture, Support the Community

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For more information about Agape Development and their mission please visit their website at

Project Contributors


Forney Construction


Ward, Getz & Associates


CMTA Consulting Engineers


FCA Design Inc.


Tolunay Engineering Group


DB Permits


Allegion, PLC


South Texas Surveying Associates, Inc.


Matrix Structural Engineers


Leopoulos AV Consulting LLC.


TBG Partners




Jordan Consultants, LLC

Prison Entrepreneurship Program: Update

Prison Entrepreneurship Program has successfully moved into their updated and expanded office space! Thank you to all that have worked together with Transcend Architecture and contributed your time and resources to make this new space a reality.

“I could not visualize just what a tremendous change the new office floor plan and design would make for PEP,” said Kristie Wisniewski, PEP’s Chief of Staff“Our office had a crowded, outdated look to it, and the new space gives us additional staff work areas as well as meeting and training areas for the staff and graduates.  It has made a huge difference.”

We are excited about the success of our first project and all the great collaboration. We look forward to working with all of you and those that would like to join us on our next Transcend Architecture project.

Our First Project

Transcend Architecture is excited to announce its first project. Our mission: promoting human unity and dignity through architecture, service, and education. We are working in partnership with the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, a Houston based nonprofit organization that connects the nation's top executives, entrepreneurs, and MBA students with convicted felons.  They are in need of additional office and training space, and while they have the financial resources for rent expense, they cannot afford the design and the finish out of their new space.

The drawings are close to completion and we have an estimate for construction. All design, project management, estimation and supervision fees have been donated, along with the carpet, tile and concrete.

$113,437 is needed to complete the construction of this project. Please help us bridge the gap by making a donation on our "Donate" page or Home Page. 

Thank you for your help.

                                          Demolition Plan and New Floor Plan for the PEP Program 

We are incorporated!

Transcend Architecture is a local 501(c)(3) (pending) non-profit organization devoted to promote human unity and dignity through Architecture, Service and Education. We are now officially incorporated in Houston, Texas.

We are a group of designers with the desire to dedicate our skills to the service of our community. The goal is to make architectural design and construction services accessible to organizations in need, through partnerships and support from other professionals related to our field. We provide pro-bono design and management services for projects in the greater Houston area.

If you are a charitable organization in need of architectural services to further advance your group, we would like to hear from you!